[VIRTUAL] Apple Pennants for Fall!

Pennants make great fall decorations! This craft uses an apple or an apple cutout as a stamp to decorate a pennant chain to hang from your wall, your mantel, or a bookshelf (or anywhere else you can think of).


Project Resources (click to download):


Materials Needed:

  • paper (printer, construction, scrap)
  • an apple, cut in half OR an apple picture (in downloads section) and some cardboard
  • washable paint
  • yarn or string

Tools Needed:

  • paint brush, or a plate for dipping the stamp
  • scissors
  • hole punch (optional)

Other Needed:

  • cloth or paper towels
  • soap for cleanup



  1. Make your apple stamp. You can use an apple cut in half, or you can make a cutout stamp. To make a cutout stamp, cut out a picture of an apple as closely as you can to the lines, and trace around it onto some cardboard that's thin enough to cut with scissors. Cut it out of the cardboard.
  2. Decide what size you want your pennants. Cut triangles from your paper in that size. Make sure it fits your apple stamp before you cut it out! Pennants are usually a triangle with two long sides about the same length and a short side.
  3. Put some paint on your stamp with a paint brush, or put a bit of paint on a paper plate and dip your stamp in the paint. It's okay to play around with how much paint is on your stamp until you have something you like. Press it on the paper pennants until the paint comes off. Repeat until you are happy with the number of pennants you have. Let the paint dry while you clean up. Do not eat the apple stamp after you have used it for paint.
  4. Holepunch or poke holes in your pennants, one on each corner of the short side. Cut pieces of yarn a little longer than you want your pennants spaced apart. You should have the same number of yarn pieces as pennants, plus one. (So if you have five pennants, you have six pieces of yarn.) Tie the yarn pieces to the pennants, tying the pennants together as you go.
  5. Hang your creation and enjoy!


Free printable apple template courtesy of https://www.firstpalette.com/printable/apple.html


Saturday, October 3, 2020 - 1:15pm
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