Pumpkin Pie Slice Craft Guide [VIRTUAL]

Use some materials laying around the house to have some fall fun with Miss Anna's Pumpkin Pie Slice craft!


Project Resources (click to download):

Materials Needed:

  • paper or styrofoam plate
  • construction paper (orange and brown or tan)
  • white felt, paper, or a cotton ball

Tools Needed:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • pen
  • ruler (optional)


  1. Decide what size you want your pie slice and make marks on the edges of the plate where your pie crust will be. Mark the spot where you want your pie slice point to be in the middle of the plate. Draw lines from the crust edges to the center of the pie to cut on (you can use a ruler to make this easier). Cut on the lines to get your pie slice base.
    1. To get a slice like in the picture, just cut your plate into quarters (four pie pieces).
  2. Cut a piece of orange construction paper to fit in the flat part of your pie slice. Glue it down.
  3. Cut a long piece of tan or brown construction paper to between one and two inches wide, depending on how much crust you want. Cut that piece into little rectangles about half an inch or a finger wide, making your cuts on the long side of the big piece. Glue them onto the curved edge part of your plate, overlapping them a little bit like in the picture.
  4. Cut a circle from some white felt or construction paper, then cut it into a spiral to look like whipped cream. Glue it on top of your pie piece wherever you like. You can also use a cotton ball.



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