Online Scavenger Hunt!

Join us for a virtual scavenger hunt with the free GooseChase app!

Complete challenges on your device, & compete with other players across the county.


GooseChase Rules & Expectations

By participating in the Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt, you are agreeing to the following:

  • The pictures you submit will be visible to others. Pictures will be seen by other participants, and may be shared on the library’s social media accounts.
  • PCDL will moderate these images to the best of their ability, but are not responsible for images shared by the public. Please only post appropriate content.
  • Any scavenger hunt participant of minor age should have permission from a parent or guardian before playing.
  • Participants will follow reasonable precautions for safety and responsibility while playing- good pictures aren’t worth getting hurt!
  • Submissions may be removed by library staff if they are deemed inappropriate, or if they do not meet the requirements of the mission.
  • Bonus points will only be awarded in the event of a tie between teams.
  • Downloadable Rules, Expectations, and Steps to sign up can be found here >



  1. Click here to download the GooseChase App on your device.

  2. You will have the option to register or play as a guest. This is personal preference. 

  3. In the game search bar, locate the game “PCDL August 2020”. Choose “Select Team & Join Game

  4. Choose one of the three available teams (Supernova, The Wailing Wizards, or Orange). You will be prompted to input a password. The code for this game is “LibraryCard

  5. When the game begins, you will have options to view Remaining or Completed challenges. There are three mission types- photo/video, text, and GPS. To submit photo evidence, choose a remaining challenge and select “Snap Evidence”. This will open your camera. Take a photo or video of your scavenger hunt proof, add a caption or explanation if you like, and hit “Submit”.

  6. The app includes a live feed of submissions from all teams, as well as a leaderboard to display points earned.

New challenges will be added throughout the course of the event, so continue to check back for more opportunities to play!


Monday, August 3, 2020 - 12:00pm